About CK Capital
CK Capital is the investment research arm of
Corporate Knights, Inc. Based in Toronto, Canada,
CK Capital offers investment products and services
to asset owners and managers, including the Clean
Cap and Integrated Cap suite of equity indices and
customized portfolio solutions. In 2013, CK Capital
launched the world’s first sustainable smart beta
equity strategy.
About this report
This report investigates the extent to which the
world’s large companies are disclosing the seven
“first generation” sustainability indicators: employee
turnover, energy, greenhouse gases (GHGs), lost-
time injury rate, payroll, waste and water. These
metrics meet the twin test of being broadly relevant
for businesses in all industries and being generally
widely disclosed by the world’s listed companies.
Analysis is aggregated at the level of individual
stock exchanges, and includes examination of
disclosure rates based on most current reporting
(2011), growth in disclosure rates (2007 – 2011) and
disclosure timeliness. A policy inventory is also
assembled, with 167 specific instruments analyzed
along three dimensions: policy type, policy clarity
and policy scope. The relationship between each
exchange’s performance in the disclosure ranking
(Part I) and the policy environment in its home
country (Part II) is analyzed.
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About S&P
Standard & Poor’s (S&P), a division of McGraw Hill
Financial, is a leading provider of global credit
benchmarks and research across industries,
asset classes and geographies that investors,
businesses and markets use to foster economic
development and growth around the world. S&P
and its predecessor organizations have been in
business for over 150 years. As one of the world’s
leading providers of independent credit risk research
and benchmarks, S&P publishes more than a million
credit ratings on debt issued by sovereign, municipal,
corporate and financial sector entities. In 2012
alone, S&P rated US$3.5 trillion in new debt. S&P
has 1,400+ analysts, managers and economists in
23 offices around the world assessing the variables
that affect creditworthiness. In frequent dialogue
with senior managers and industry leaders, S&P
examines everything from the state of an enterprise
and its position in its industry, to the state of a
region and the globe.
About Aviva Investors
Aviva Investors is the global asset management
business of Aviva plc. The business delivers
investment management solutions, services and
client-driven performance to clients worldwide.
Aviva Investors operates in 15 countries in Asia
Pacific, Europe, North America and the United
Kingdom, with assets under management of £245
billion at June 30, 2013.
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