Infobolsa: exporting a disseminationmodel
In 2012, Infobolsa took the steps necessary to maintain
its traditional leadership position in Spain by developing
newservices. Furthermore, it alsodirectedefforts towards
consolidating its presence in Mexico and expanding into
other countries in the Latin American region.
In regard to the launch of new services, we would high-
light the creation of AP for iOS (Ipad and Iphone) and
for Android, with national and international financial
information content, and access to markets in real time
for NetStation, Web Terminal and Web Premium users in
Spain.The app for iOS, launched in themiddle of the year,
was the number 1 download from the Apple App store
in the third week of July, both on the national level and
in the Finance category. To date there have been 44,500
downloads of the application for iOS devices, with 22,000
users accessing the application in a habitual manner. In
regard to Android devices, the number of downloads was
6,650, due to its later launch, and the user profile, which
tends to be younger people less involved in finance.
It is precisely with this type of service that the company
has bolstered its presence in Mexico, specifically through
the launch of the Online Broker tool for themobile devices
of an important financial institution, for which BME previ-
ously developed other services for its internet banking and
brokerage business. The growing interest in these markets
for these types of applications is notable, for which reason
efforts are focused on these business areas.
In regard to its subsidiary company, Openfinance,
a provider of tools for the automation of Financial
Advising, we would underscore its penetration in Chile,
where it has been involved in an important project with
a one of the main financial entities. In addition, through
a commercial collaboration with the Santiago stock
market, it is immersed in competing for a tender held by
two other large institutions.
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