The equity markets rallied notably and volatility eased
on the back of improved general sentiment. Spanish
equities managed to shake off three straight years of
correction, outperforming most European exchanges.
In fact, equity products, particularly shares, dominated
trading volumes across the platforms managed by BME.
Throughout the year BME forged ahead with its business
diversification policy, attempting to take advantage of
the opportunities thrown up by new market regulations.
The BME Group generated a net profit of €143.1 million
in 2013, up 5.7% over 2012 levels.
The healthy earnings performance positions the company
to extend its hallmark shareholder remuneration policy.
Specifically, the Board of Directors plans to ask its share-
holders to approve the distribution of a final dividend of
€0.65 per share at the upcoming Annual General Meeting
(if approved the dividend will be paid out on 9 May 2014).
In 2013 international financial market stress eased with respect to 2012 as the promise of
sustainable global economic growth became more palpable. In the Eurozone, the financial
health of the so-called ‘periphery’ continued to improve.
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Inside BME’s Spanish Stock Exchange.
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