MEFFREPOmaintains high transaction volumes
The Central Counterparty (CCP) for repos has maintained
the volumes achieved in 2012, with trading of around
€110.00 billion and over 1,000 average monthly trades.
It is noteworthy that the average outstanding balance on
current trades for which the CCP acts as the counterparty
has exceeded the average outstanding balance in 2012
by over €5.00 billion, increasing from €24.67 billion to
€30.69 billion.
The activities of this BME business unit over the year are a
faithful reflection of the company’s philosophy of keeping
abreast of, and evolving with, economic conditions. The
SEND platform aims to make fixed income markets more
accessible to private investors, promoting transparent
access and taking advantage of the likely increase in the
interest of households in such products. Furthermore, the
creation of the MARF aims to provide alternative funding
sources for companies that cannot access, or do not want
to rely exclusively on, traditional bank financing, as in
other European countries. The BME Group has the know
how and experience to develop such markets and plat-
forms rapidly whilst keeping tight control of costs.
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