BME Market Data: a year of consolidation and
expansion of the range of services
BME Market Data is the BME Group subsidiary specialising
in processing, generating and marketing the information
produced by the Group’s platforms and markets. It also
offers value-added services for the stock market industry.
In 2013, this subsidiary completed the design of a
standard Information Dissemination Contract for all the
information produced by the BME Group for all of its
clients. It has also added new content to its traditional
offering. This includes new volatility indices for the IBEX®,
new ETF and Warrant issues, autonomous community
fixed income instruments, SICAVs and SOCIMIs.
Infobolsa: leading supplier of financial information
In 2013, Infobolsa continued consolidating its position as
Spain’s leading supplier of financial information services.
In addition, it has continued strengthening its presence
in Mexico, widening its scope in other Latin American
In 2013, it launched its new website,
es. This has been fully developed under “Responsive
Web Design” standards, and is the first Spanish financial
website to be accessible from PCs, tablets and smart-
phones. The successful launch of this website led to
Infobolsa winning the project for on-line and financial
website development for a major foreign bank with a
presence in Spain.
A year after their launch, Infobolsa’s native tablet and
smartphone applications remain in the top 10 for finan-
cial applications, with over 150,000 downloads for iOS
and Android devices. The penetration of the subsidiary
Openfinance, supplier of tools to automate financial
advice services, is also noteworthy. In Chile this has a
strong presence in one of the leading financial enti-
ties. Commercial actions have also been undertaken in
Colombia, where the company has been the finalist in
tenders for two major financial groups.
The Information Area demonstrates how BME exploits its
synergies, as it has gradually integrated the information
generated by its various trading platforms to obtain new
sources of business, enabling it to further diversify its
revenue sources.
The Information area was fully implemented in 2013. This
area is BME’s third-largest contributor in strategic terms,
representing 10.9% of Group revenue and 11.8% of
total EBITDA. There can be no doubt that the integrated
services offered by BME Market Data are continuing to
yield results, despite the difficult current conditions.
Key figures...
...for business
Revenue (million euros)
32,994 34,278 -3.7
Costs (million euros)
-7,354 1.7
EBITDA (million euros)
25,513 26,924 -5.2
Source: BME
At year-end 2013, BME Market Data was offering a total
of 138 real-time primary and sector indices. In addition
to expanding its service offering and responding to the
needs of members and participants in the markets oper-
ated by the BME Group, this area has also launched a new
direct connection service to its information servers so as
to minimise latency, the“BME Gate Server”.
The Information Area usually operates with a slight lag
compared to the Group’s other business units, as is only
logical given they provide the information on which its
services are base This is reflected in the rebound in the
total number of subscribers to its information services in
the fourth quarter of 2013 and the trend over the year of
its existing clients to expand the range of services they
receive. However, this rebound was not sufficient to offset
the results from prior quarters. The Unit’s revenue fell to
€32.99 million. Meanwhile, costs increased 1.7% to €7.48
million. The Unit’s EBITDA for the year was €25.51 million.
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