The activities encompassed in this BME business area
are the most diversified in the company and are not only
aimed at entities and financial institutions, but also at
other types of companies and at public administrations.
The success of these businesses is underpinned by BME’s
technological know-how. This unit, which raises revenue
from various products and managed services, is the
company’s youngest division. In 2013, it made a positive
contribution, with its contribution to the Group’s total
business volume and profits being maintained from the
previous year, at 5.6% and 3.1%, respectively.
It is involved in a number of differentiated fields of
activity managed by two companies: Visual Trader and
BME Innova.
Combined revenues from IT & Consulting activities
totalled €16.98 million in 2013 (up 3.9%). In addition,
operating costs fell by 1.0% to €10.26 million and EBITDA
increased by 12.6% to €6.71 million.
Key figures...
…for business
Revenue (million euros)
16,976 16,333
Costs (million euros)
-10,263 -10,370
EBITDA (million euros)
Source: BME
VisualTrader: increased accesses and a 7% increase
in trading terminals installed
In 2013, the number of Visual Trader trading terminals
installed increased by 7%, with trading volumes in the
Spanish market increasing by 14%. In addition, a new
version of the system was developed, incorporating
trading in domestic fixed income, equity and derivatives
markets, and over 50 international markets, into the
maX terminal. Pursuant to ESMA regulations, develop-
ment of the maX terminal Risk Control System has been
completed, making it easier for users to control the risks
of both their own positions and those of others.
Also in the field of risk control, the
service was
launched, offering settlement members (and shortly
clearing members) the possibility to control positions
and risks for ultra-low latency clients in Pre-Trade mode.
The company’s new projects are focusing on adapting to
new cloud technologies, which will eliminate technical
infrastructure and communication barriers. This is certain
to facilitate an increase in the number of trading screen
BME Innova: facilitating internationalisation and
compliancewith company regulations
BME Innova has continued its strategy of diversifying its
clients and activities, focusing on services with a strong
technological content and optimising the technical
resources and business of the BME Group. In 2013, BME
Innova, through BME Consulting, carried out a study for
the IDB to identify possibilities for developing alternative
corporate debt markets in Mexico.
In 2013, we also carried out all of the planned activities
under the Modernisation of the Sovereign Debt Market
project promoted by the Algerian Treasury Department,
for which we were awarded the tender in December
2012. We expect the new platforms for debt allocation,
contracting and distribution to come into effect in early
2014. In addition, the BME HIGHWAY corporate banking
communication service has incorporated financial institu-
tions from Germany, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Denmark,
the UAE, Finland, France, Holland, Italy and the UK into
its banking map. With regard to regulatory compliance
services provided through BME CONFIDENCENET, we have
continued working with the Integrated Market Abuse
Service Users’ Group (SICAM, for the Spanish acronym),
and we are now working on the third phase of the SICAM
service, which aims to enable analysis of potentially
manipulative behaviour outside the Spanish market.
We have also expanded the CNMV Regulatory Reporting
Service through the implementation of Banco de España
Circular 4/2012, on balances and transactions abroad,
and CNMV Circulars 4 and 5/2013, relating to annual
directors’ remuneration and corporate governance
reports for listed companies.
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