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Annual Report 2014 BME

Settlement and registration

In 2014, the number of settled market transac-

tions grew by an average of 21.8%, with an effective

volume equivalent to a daily average value of €4.13

billion. Within the reform process of post-trading in

the EU, Regulation 909/2014, on improving secu-

rities settlement in the European Union and on

central securities depositories, entered into force in


The number of transactions settled at Iberclear in

2014 increased by an average of 21.80% on 2013

to an average monthly of 3.9 million. The cash

volume settled for them increased by 38.2% since

€4.13 billion was settled on an average daily basis,

compared with €2.99 billion in 2013.

The nominal balances recorded at year-end

decreased by 15.53% in the securities listed on the

AIAF fixed-income market and increased by 6.85%

in the public debt market. Equities grew by 6.77% at

market prices.

The settlements of trades on the various markets

managed by BME had the best performance in

the year. They accounted for 46.6% of the unit’s

revenues in 2014.

BME staff at SIBOS, the main annual gathering in the post-trade sector.


Settled transactions (in Millions)