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Annual Report 2014 BME


Further stimulus was given to innovation, international

markets, improved tools to monitor market abuse and

regulatory reporting.

In line with the trend to internationalise the Spanish

economy, BME Innova developed several market

consultancy projects, namely:

In Algeria: a strategic and technology consultancy

project which consists of designing, developing and

implementing an e-trading platform for Algerian

public debt. This platform was completed in

December 2014.

In Peru: a diagnosis of the current situation of the

market operating system infrastructure for Peru’s

public debt securities and an identification of

the opportunities for regulatory and technology

improvements in this system based on interna-

tional models, standards, procedures and best


In Bolivia: the design, development and imple-

mentation of a fixed income and equities trading


BME Innova also consolidated its Regulatory Compli-

ance service range and expanded the international

base of its financial communication service: HighWay.

It made the new version of its Service Against

Market Abuse (SICAM) system available to clients,

fully meeting the requirements of the current regu-

lations and of those expected in the coming years,

such as the entry into force of the Market Abuse

Regulation (MAR).

It also continued to develop the regulatory

reporting platform (SIR), in line with its permanent

commitment to the regulations, which are currently

evolving rapidly.

BME HighWay, its financial communication service,

continued to expand its bank map by including

institutions from Europe and countries as diverse

as the United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, South

Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, the Arab Emirates and

Singapore, with the possibility of including any of

the over 8,000 financial institutions.




Latin America


•Mexico: Mexican

Stock Exchange

•Colombia: Colombian



•Infobolsa: Mexico

•SIBE: Dominican Rep., El Salvador,

Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia

•Visual Trader: Chile

•Derivatives: Mexico

•Open Finance


•Peru, Mexico, Chile,

Guatemala and Colombia



Algeria fixed


Focuses on geographical diversification: technology, regulation and cooperation, i.e.

the basic cornerstones for BME business development