Initiatives in which BME participates
BME is involved in the following national and interna-
tional initiatives:
The European Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settle-
ment (since 2006)
The Carbon Disclosure Project (since 2007)
The Code of Best Tax Practices (since 2010)
The United Nations Global Compact (since 2011)
Relations with Public Administrations
Given the importance of the activities carried out by BME
in ensuring the smooth running of the financial markets
and, by extension, the Spanish economy, the company
must maintain a fluid relationship with public bodies
through official channels predicated on strict adherence
to applicable regulations.
Furthermore, Spanish industry legislation governs BME’s
role as manager of regulated markets and trading sys-
tems. Therefore, BME and most of its subsidiaries are su-
pervised by the Spanish National Securities Commission,
Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), with
which it participates actively in the forums established
therein, namely the CNMV’s Consultative Committee,
which is its Board of Directors’ advisory body.
BME continues to adhere to the Code of Best Tax Practic-
es, designed to foster a relationship of reciprocal coop-
eration between the Spanish tax administration agency
and companies.
BME does not contribute to any political parties or organ-
isations, allowing the management to remain independ-
ent in its relationships with local, regional and national
government bodies.
BME did not receive any financial aid from the govern-
ment in 2012. However, it did avail itself of subsidies of-
fered by the Tripartite Foundation to provide in-compa-
ny training initiatives for its employees (See Chapter 3 of
this report for more information).
Relations with the media
The responsibility taken on by BME as the main vehicle
for channelling savings towards the financing of com-
panies requires dealing closely with the Spanish and
international media. It has a Corporate Communication
department for this.
BME meets daily demand for news by putting out press
releases. For occasional needs of media and other infor-
mation providers, especially to help journalists keep up
to date, BME periodically offers courses (see Chapter 6 for
more information).
All company-related information on the corporate web
page is updated. The“Press Room”section contains all the
Chairman’s speeches and other documents of interest.
Furthermore, the stock exchange trading floor continues
to attract the attention of the media. This has prompted
BME to strive to meet the infrastructure needs of TV and
radio stations and other media, and to create an active
press room fully equipped with computer systems, sub-
scriptions to financial information services, etc.
Focus on the media during the traditional gathering with BME
BME’s corporate outlook: management model and
relationships with main market participants
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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