1.3 Communication channels
Communication with users at all levels is extremely im-
portant for BME as this is the only way in which we can
ascertain the doubts, needs and opinions of both direct
and indirect users.
The magnitude of new ways of communication has had
a considerable impact on how BME communicates with
its users and customers. In 2012, BME became actively in-
volved in social networks –this mode of communication
has expanded widely in recent years- while it continued
webs, which canbe accessed fromthe BME corporateURL:
The company is permanently in contact with all market
participants mainly through technical committees (e.g.
Iberclear’s Technical Advisory Committee and MEFF’s Su-
pervisory and Oversight Committee), which share opin-
ions, inter alia, about the operation, development and
activities of the markets and systems managed by BME
and have firsthand knowledge of the concerns, demands
and needs of BME’s participating entities.
Winners of the“Visit the stock exchange”contest on Twitter
Seminar on current issues surrounding listed companies.
BME meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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