All of this is in addition to the importance BME assigns
to the direct, personal and fluid relationships its employ-
ees maintain with market participants and their respec-
tive employees. Such relationships are fostered further
through festive events.
BME’s ongoing interest in publicising, via a number of
means, the development of its business may be gauged
through the new projects and initiatives unveiled by the
company. BME helps to organise forums, workshops,
trade fairs and other activities to spread word of its ac-
tivities, as it believes this helps encourage direct contact
between the company and market participants and be-
tween market participants themselves.
Focus on the Small and Medium companies, during the 8th MedCap Forum The 14th Latibex Forum, BME’s committment to Latin America
BME, close to the retail investor, during the Bolsalia congress
BME meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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