Financial forums that BME sponsored, took part in or or-
ganised in 2012 included the following:
Organisation of a conference on legislative develop-
ments regarding listed public limited companies, at-
tended by more than 300 professionals representing
IBEX35® constituents, universities and law firms;
participation in the second annual Spain Investors Day,
which brought together 34 large quoted enterprises
that held over 500 one-on-one and other meetings
with more than 200 investors in attendance;
participation in the 5th edition of Forinvest through the
Valencia stock exchange;
organisation, in conjunction with Banco Portugués de
Investimento and with the help of IESE Business School,
of the inaugural “
Spanish Small & Mid Caps Conference
attended by more than 30 institutional investors from
the US and 11 Spanish small and mid cap companies;
participation in Bolsalia, in which BME held 28
organisation of the MedCap Forum, in which 75 Span-
ish small- and mid-cap companies participated, along
with more than 200 institutional investors, brokers and
analysts, which again in 2012 focused especially on
companies listed on the MAB;
participation, through BME Innova, in the 10th edition
, at which it organised a series of
conferences entitled “Strategy, technology and fu-
tures”; and,
organisation of the 14th Latibex Forum, at which some
40 Latin American companies met with more than 200
European investors and brokers.
Seminar on Spain’s economic growth
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Report 2012
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