Focus on the Spanish real estate investment trusts (SOCIMI), during a seminar in BME
BME was involved in organising a number of workshops
on equity markets, such as “
Deleveraging and growth in
”, “
The Spanish Financial System: Crisis and Reform
new regulations on “
Real Estate Investment Trusts
” and,
in particular, access to financing by SMEs at the confe-
rence on “
SME funding in the Spanish financial market
held in Bilbao, as well as the OE Innovators Forum held
in Valencia. Adding to this was the interest showed in
the development of Latin American markets, with BME
organising the “
Investment Opportunities and Access to
the Latin American Market
” seminar in conjunction with
the Spanish Association of Financial Advisors.
1.4. User Protection
As the management body for Spanish financial markets
and systems, BME is responsible for market participants
and retail investors, even though they are not direct cus-
tomers, as it considers its position allows it to intercede
on their behalf with respect to market participants.
In BME’s dealings with retail investors, worth noting are
the services provided by the Investor Ombudsmen, set
up and maintained by the stock exchange governing
companies of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to aid and
protect investors. The Investor Ombudsman handles
their queries and complaints, attempts to prevent com-
plaints and claims from being filed regarding transac-
tions carried out on the stock exchange, endeavours to
provide conditions to clarify facts and concerns posed by
investors and intermediates between parties in conflict.
When claims are lodged by investors, it ascertains the de-
tails and, if the parties fail to reach an agreement, issues a
(non-binding) final report.
BME meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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