1.5. User education
Since its incorporation, BME has considered that its role
as the manager of Spanish financial markets and sys-
tems carries with it a commitment to actively participate
in fostering a financial culture in Spain. In this regard, it
subscribes to the OECD’s
Recommendation on Principles
and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness
launched in July 2005.
Given its significant role in the financial markets, BME re-
gards publicising and raising awareness of financial mat-
ters in the most accessible and comprehensive manner
possible to be just another function of its business ac-
tivity, as well as an important channel for end customers
and brokers in markets to express their concerns, inter-
ests, demands and worries.
The importance BME’s attaches to education is reflected
in Instituto BME, whose sole activity is to organise educa-
tional services related to financial markets in general and
issues directly related to BME’s own market and systems
products in particular, although this activity may be com-
plemented with additional educational initiatives carried
out by other Group companies.
Instituto BME holds a quality commitment to its custom-
ers, obtaining in 1998 the AENOR Registered Firm Certif-
icate, renewed each year in accordance with the UNE-EN
ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. This assures customers
seeking educational services that BME’s commitment to
them involves not only providing services but also the
ultimate goal of addressing their true education needs,
meeting their expectations and generating the utmost
satisfaction. In this manner, the company achieves its
ultimate objective: to gain the maximum trust of and es-
tablish lasting relationships with its customers.
BME meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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