2.5. BME on internet
The corporate website
vides easy and direct access in Spanish and English to the
services provided by BME and its subsidiaries, with direct
links to their web pages. There is also a “Investor’s Corner”
section that offers direct access to key information relating
to BME and various tools to study the BME share price.
The site also has an “Information for Shareholders and In-
vestors” section dedicated mainly to shareholders and in-
vestors but accessible to all parties interested in the com-
pany. This section contains permanently updated legal
and financial information about BME as required by law.
In addition, prior to General Shareholders’ Meetings the
company puts all information and documentation about
the meetings in this section of the website. It includes
links to the Electronic Shareholder Forum, voting mecha-
nisms and e-proxy voting, electronic information requests
and web cast links that are activated when the company
broadcasts its General Shareholders’ Meetings, although
this information is also available on the home page.
In 2012, the “Information for Shareholders and Investors”
section of the BME website was viewed by 28,286 users in
its Spanish version and 5,044 in its English version (27,518
visits in its Spanish version and 4,740 in its English version
in 2011).
In line with its efforts to disseminate information and in
view of the importance of social networks nowadays, BME
became active in these networks in 2012 through the BME
2.0 initiative, designed to complement traditional com-
munications channels and create a new interactive envi-
ronment for both its shareholders and the public at large.
BME has accounts with Twitter, Linkedin, Flicker and
Slideshare, as well as its own Youtube channel, where it
publishes the main news on the company along with
presentations, interviews and other multimedia content.
BME shareholders
Corporate and Social
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