To help broaden the public debate on this crucial matter
and contribute suggestions and solutions in this field, we
have organised and sponsored events such as Delever-
aging and growth in Spain, a symposium we held jointly
with the IEAF, or the Latibex Forum, which this year fo-
cused particularly on showing the opportunities offered
in Latin America for Spanish companies. Both these
events garnered extensive attention in the media and in
the financial sector.
Within BME’s policy of promotion and sponsorship, we
would also note our participation in the second edition
of Spain Investors Day, which helped put Spanish com-
panies in contact with more than 200 investors; the
Spanish Small & Mid Caps Conference, which brought
together more than 30 American institutional investors
with 9 Spanish small and mid cap companies, and our or-
ganisation of the MedCap Forum, with 75 small and mid
caps and more than 200 institutional investors, brokers
and analysts taking part.
As an expression of our commitment to shareholders,
and despite difficult circumstances, we have maintained
our capital remuneration. Hence, our dividend yield con-
tinues to rank high among IBEX 35 companies.
Dear Shareholders
It is an honour for me, as Chairman of the Board of Di-
rectors, to once again present BME’s Corporate Social
Responsibility Report (CSR) for the year 2012.
Although we are living through a period of deep crisis,
we maintain our commitment to CSR. For this reason, in
2012 BME continued to focus its best efforts on its own
responsibilities in this sphere: bolstering the financial
system, especially with regard to transparency, universal
access and efficiency.
Also within our own specific mission, we have sought to
help channel funds towards companies, in view of the
difficulties many face in obtaining financing. We believe
our work in this field can be especially useful, as we ad-
vance and promote all avenues to facilitate contact with
investors able to provide the resources needed in their
Consequently, we can state with pride that the Spanish
stock exchange, along with the London exchange, has
taken the lead in company financing in Europe, having
channelled a volume greater than €30 billion in new in-
vestment flows. To this we may add the role played by
our fixed income markets, which have helped diversify
and supplement companies’ sources of financing.
Letter from the Chairman
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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