3.2.3. Services and activities
Employees services
BME provides its employees with various services to fa-
cilitate travelling to work and allowing them to perform
their work more easily.
BME offers a coach service for employees at its headquar-
ters in Las Rozas (Madrid), its largest office. The coaches
travel between company facilities and the nearest public
transport links, helping employees to get to and from
their places of work. There is also a car park for employ-
ees who come to work using their own vehicles.
There is also a restaurant service for BME’s employees in
Las Rozas. Furthermore, at the Plaza de la Lealtad oper-
ating headquarters a space has been set up where office
personnel can have lunch in comfort.
To centralise the business trips made by group employees,
BME has set up a travel agency at its headquarters in Las
Rozas. This service can also organise private trips and va-
To help employees achieve a work/life balance, BME,
fered the children of employees the chance to attend
“urban holiday camps” during the Easter and Christmas
school holidays offering educational activities, work-
shops and games to bring them in touch with nature.
Sport and leisure activities
In 2012, BME organised the 8th edition of its paddle
tennis competition for employees and sponsored in-
door and 11-a-side football and basketball teams by fi-
nancing its members’ registration and equipment costs.
It also sponsored the athletics group to encourage BME
employees to participate in different community road
races, as well as the MTB cycling club, which schedules
non-competitive mountain bike excursions.
Furthermore, in order to facilitate these sports activities
for employees, BME has set up an information section on
its intranet with contact details of the people in charge.
Lastly, in 2012 BME organised a charity sale for the
“El Baobab solidario”NGO to raise aid for children in Mad-
agascar, in addition to the Three Kings’visit to the Madrid
Stock Exchange building for employees’ children.
BME employees
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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