Antonio J. Zoido
BME continues to be interested in supporting certain
cultural activities, and is a member of the Friends of the
Prado Foundation, a sponsoring partner of the Reina So-
fia museum in Madrid, and a partner of the Teatro Real
in Madrid. Through the Bilbao stock exchange, our com-
pany is a strategic patron of the Guggenheim museum
in Bilbao. Additionally, we continue to collaborate with
several institutions, universities and academic associa-
tions in training projects related to the world of securi-
ties markets, especially through the BME Institute, which
contributes a good number of specific courses to these
As part of our financial education initiatives in the area of
securities markets and their role in the financial system,
in 2012 we launched the BME Ediciones Digitales service,
a platform for the dissemination of articles, books and re-
ports that is accessible online from any device.
BME’s work in training journalists to help them fulfil their
duty of providing coverage of securities markets is also
particularly worthy of notice. We actively collaborate
with the Spanish Financial Press Association, the Asoci-
ación de Periodistas de Información Económica (APIE),
in organising training sessions. In 2012, BME continued
to sponsor awards to drive and encourage stock market
We dedicate a substantial portion of our collective re-
sources and talent to fulfilling our commitments to the
environment and society, placing an emphasis on our
own particular responsibilities to shareholders, employ-
ees, clients and companies, while also seeking to make
our own contribution towards meeting the difficult chal-
lenges that economies and societies are currently facing.
And we shall continue to do so.
Thank you.
The start and development of the BME 2.0 programme
in 2012 has achieved very positive results as the frame-
work for launching new digital formats to facilitate ac-
cess to our publications and database. In addition, this
programme has significantly increased the presence of
our group in social networks as a channel of dialogue en-
abling more effective communication with the general
public. In less than a year, our corporate Twitter account
has surpassed 2,000 followers.
At the same time, we have continued to uphold the
commitments we undertook when we signed up to the
United Nations Global Compact in 2011 as a member of
the Spanish Network in the Large Listed Companies cat-
With regard to BME’s employees, in line with trends in
the last five years, there has been a noticeable increase in
training through the 2012 Training Plan, which has intro-
duced innovative elements such as e-learning method-
ologies and a new curriculum in skills training. Internal
monitoring of the plan indicates that the level of satisfac-
tion among employees is high.
The continued effort to optimise our use of resources
and to collaborate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
into the atmosphere has led to a reduction of energy and
paper consumption per employee, thanks to energy-sav-
ing measures including indoor temperature limitation,
and adjustments in travel practices, with the increased
use of public over private transport and the utilisation of
video-conference systems.
Letter from the Chairman
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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