Promoting innovation and commitment among BME employees.
Banco de Ideas will be developed over five phases, where
the idea will be assessed according to its value and real-
isation potential:
ideas factory
, where the owner of the
idea can try to improve it, creating an “improvement
group” to this purpose;
ideas laboratory
, to allow the
Head of the Corporate Area or Business Unit to which the
idea has been assigned to request an interdisciplinary
Innovation Panel be set up in which other units involved
and the owner of the idea will also participate, to assess
the potential of the idea and submit a report;
, where the Head of the Corporate Area or Busi-
ness Unit in question will draw up a Viability Plan based
on the reports submitted by the Innovation Panels; the
project will then be developed and a results analysis car-
ried out.
The Banco de Ideas is a working tool which guarantees
the continuity of the ideas submitted via BME Idea and
offers all company employees the chance to submit pro-
posals and foster creativity and innovation in services,
processes and business areas.
In 2012 seven projects submitted to the Banco de Ideas
were expanded and rolled out: the organisation of urban
holiday camps, the BME 2.0 initiative as a new commu-
nications channel, the BME TV channel as an audiovisual
communications channel, the BME central corporate
presentation tool, the standardising of email signatures
across the BME group and BME Incloud, which we men-
tioned in chapter one.
BME employees
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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