3.6. Equal opportunities, career advancement
and salary policy.
3.6.1. Diversity and equal opportunities.
BME not only encourages equality, diversity and the indi-
viduality of each employee, but has also fully implement-
ed the labour practices outlined in the United Nations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its protocols.
Additionally, in 2011 the Group adhered to the United
Nations Global Compact.
The concept of gender equality permeates all human re-
sources management policies, such as hiring, recruiting,
training, performance evaluation, promotion, compen-
sation, working conditions, work/ life balance issues and
To date, no incident linked to discrimination has oc-
curred at BME.
BME’s selection and hiring policies ensure equal oppor-
tunities and eradicate any discriminatory treatment,
both in terms of physical access to work stations and
with respect to occupying different positions within
the company. Personnel are selected first through the
internal processes which ensure confidentiality, inde-
pendence and equal opportunities, and subsequently
through external channels.
Neither BME’s business activity nor its geographic loca-
tion in Spain entail risks of episodes of involuntary or
forced labour or child labour, or of a breach of human
In 2012, employees working for BME had to travel and
spend days working outside Spain due to projects car-
ried out by the company.
BME and its employees uphold human rights in the per-
formance of their activities and require that the compa-
nies rendering security services at their offices provide
training for their staff in this field.
Given the lack of risk in this area, BME has made no signif-
icant investment in which the clauses relating to human
rights were analysed.
BME, committed to equal treatment and reconciliation of life and work among its employees
BME employees
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Report 2012
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