3.7. Occupational health and safety
BME guarantees the health, safety and risk prevention
measures established in the labour risk prevention law at
all of its work centres and carries out annual risk analyses
for its installations and its employees’ workplaces, draw-
ing up a programme to address the risks detected and
proposing and implementing the corresponding pre-
ventive measures, such as training, information, personal
protection teams and periodical checks.
Employees are able to take part in workplace risk pre-
vention planning and control of the measures adopt-
ed through their legal representatives and the internal
bodies specifically entrusted with these issues. BME has
established the following joint management/employee
health and safety committees in order to control and
advise on these programmes. These represent 100% of
the workforce and are made up of management staff and
• The Health and Safety Committee,
composed of 11
members, performs all the actions recommended by
the risk prevention service, in strict compliance with
legislation governing workplace risk prevention.
• The role of the Evacuation Team,
composed of 116
members is to ensure the total orderly evacuation of
each sector of the Group’s work centres, verifying that
the alarm systems are working correctly.
• The Emergency Team,
composed of 64 members, is
responsible for accident prevention and for ensuring a
rapid response in the event of accident.
• The First Aid team,
composed of 8 members, offers first
aid services to employees.
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