Workplace safety
BME draws up its workplace safety policy on a yearly ba-
sis, carrying out a series of studies and projects to define
the most significant risks, either in terms of seriousness
or frequency, and implements effective prevention and
protection systems.
Workplace risk prevention programmes are implement-
ed at all BME centres, and regular controls are made in
order to prevent workplace risk.
Employees can access further information on what to do
in an emergency through Recursos Humanos On-Line by
clicking on a section entitled “Emergency Plan”. This sec-
tion contains the names of Intervention, Evacuation and
First Aid team members, and access to the Health and
Safety Manual for Offices published by FREMAP.
Employee health
Creating a healthy working environment is a priority for
BME. The company is working to improve its employees’
health through various measures.
BME also instructs its employees how to act in the event
of workplace accidents or serious health conditions
affecting its employees at the workplace. These recom-
mendations include contacting the nurse’s station, a pri-
mary medical service installed at the company’s offices.
These stations are supplied with automatic defibrillators,
a modern device for providing immediate care in the
event of an onsite cardiac arrest. In 2012 no serious inci-
dents of this nature occurred.
As part of its Health Monitoring programme, BME pro-
vides workers with annual physical check-ups and yearly
influenza vaccinations. The medical service also collab-
orates with the Spanish Red Cross to encourage its em-
ployees to give blood.
BME has also contracted health insurance for all BME
Group employees. This insurance covers medical assis-
tance, surgery and hospital stays in the event of illness or
injuries, as per the contract conditions.
Health newsletter of BME
BME employees
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