In 2009, BME designed and implemented an organised
system to contract the services of external suppliers,
called the Sistema de Autorización de Pedidos (SI3),
encompassing the order, approval, budget control and
payment functions. In addition to being an efficient
means of managing suppliers, this system incorporates
a registration and evaluation tool to measure the quality
of the products and services provided by each supplier.
For BME to render its services correctly, the supplies it receives
from its numerous suppliers are managed correctly and are of the
highest quality.
This process for contracting services from external sup-
pliers has the following characteristics:
it optimises external service costs;
it maintains the evaluation of suppliers on a continu-
ous basis;
it requires collaboration with the Legal Department to
revise the corresponding legal contracts;
Ongoing contacts are encouraged with services sup-
pliers, leveraging on knowledge and past experience.
Therefore, relations with suppliers are maintained di-
rectly by the heads of the company or business unit
requiring the goods or services in question, on the
understanding that these people can best define the
requirements for purchasing and contracting goods
and services.
Control over payment made to suppliers following pro-
cessing of the order by a member of the accounting
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Report 2012
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