BME encourages its suppliers to comply with the princi-
ples of legality, ethics and labour and environmental re-
sponsibility in the performance of their respective activi-
ties and in 2012, 101 of the 112 new suppliers contracted
signed a commitment adhering to their obligations and
responsibilities in these areas.
Supplier evaluation process
In addition to being a way of managing orders, the Sis-
tema de Autorización de Pedidos (SI3), allows suppliers
and the services they provide to be evaluated on an
on-going basis.
Specifically, the system requires an initial assessment
of suppliers to be carried out when they start working
with BME and for those with whom an order worth over
€10,000 has been placed or which are considered suppli-
ers of critical services, i.e. those which directly affect the
activities carried out by BME or the services rendered di-
rectly to the company’s customers and member entities.
Following this initial assessment, registered suppliers
are continuously monitored to ensure that the quality
of their supplies is maintained and complies with estab-
lished requirements, using the following procedures:
Evaluation of all goods delivered and services supplied;
Detection, recording and follow-up of any incidents
occurring during the delivery of the goods or supply of
the service;
Each supplier is reviewed annually based on the eval-
uations made after each delivery and any incidents
occurring during the delivery of the goods or the ren-
dering of the services.
Corporate and Social
Report 2012
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