5.1. Use of resources
Energy resources: electricity and gas.
energy resources: energy resources consumed directly at the
company’s installations, i.e. direct consumption, and resources
consumed by BME employees outside the company’s installa-
tions, mainly duringbusiness trips.
mainly for the development of the company’s activities and at
its installations. Natural gas consumption is minimal as it is
usedattheemployees’cafeteria located intheLasRozasbuild-
offices inBarcelona, where 55 employeeswork.
In addition to the measures mentioned above, in 2012
BME continued to make investments in order to reduce
the direct consumption of electricity in heating and
air-conditioning systems.
The company’s facilities
directly consume
electric energy
in three main areas: IT equipment, heating and air condi-
tioning systems and lighting.
IT equipment.- The company uses suppliers which en-
sure that their products meet the energy efficiency
standard ENERGY STAR 5.0., allowing electric energy
consumption to be reduced by up to 40% (according to
the manufacturer).
Heating and air conditioning systems.- BME controls
the temperature inside its buildings and makes rational
use of heating and air-conditioning units installed in all
its premises.
Lighting.- All BMEbuildings have a programmed system
of night lighting. The system automatically switches off
most lights at the close of the workday, leaving on only
those lights that are absolutely necessary. Meanwhile,
BME facilities’ common areas are equipped with intelli-
gent lighting systems based on movement-detecting
photovoltaic cells, which activate the lights only when
people enter these rooms. Low-energy light bulbs and
fluorescent light tubes, which help to cut electricity
consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, are also
used in all buildings.
Investment to directly reduce electricity Consumption
Heating and air-conditioning systems
2,076 €
27,470 €
Insulation elements
34,672.53 €
30,083.37 €
BME and the environment
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