5.2. Waste management
In addition to the effort made to reduce the consumption
of resources, reuse and recycling are also important parts
of BME’s commitment to preserving the environment.
As with the consumption of resources, BME’s activities
generate little waste and the waste they do generate is
linked mainly to the replacement of computer worksta-
tions, and the consumption of paper and other office
• IT equipment.
Company computers have an average
lifespan of five to six years, which is lengthy for these
products, thanks to employees’ responsible use and
constant maintenance by the Technical and Systems
Support Department.
BME encourages the reuse of computers that have be-
come out of date for its business, which requires fore-
front technology, as these may be used by entities or
persons who do not require computers with the latest
technology to carry out their work. Therefore, in 2012
19 computers were given to employees and 68 were
donated to non-profit making organisations (Colegio
CEIP Julio Cortazar, Euskal Encounter, Cantabria Net,
Morata and Obras Misionales Pontificias).
In accordance with legislation governing electric and
electronic equipment and the management of waste
thereof, the remaining equipment is returned to the
supplier, who then disposes of the devices at facilities
to treat and manage these materials.
In 2012 78 pieces of equipment were recycled in the
Madrid offices, 49 in Barcelona, 2 in Bilbao and 8 in
• Water.
The insignificant amount of water consumed
and type of utilisation (restricted to habitual use by
BME employees and therefore largely non contaminat-
ing) means that the company’s waste water systems
are connected to the conventional municipal drainage
system, and there are no specific recycling or reusing
measures in place.
• Paper.
Agreements have been signed with town coun-
cils corresponding to BME’s different offices to install
containers for paper and cardboard which is collected,
treated and recycled.
• Office Material.
Office materials required by the com-
pany that are especially damaging to the environment,
such as printer toner and replacement cartridges, are
100% recycled through suppliers.
• Other waste
. Since 2008 each area and department
actively contributes to waste management by using
“recycling stations” to collect waste generated by per-
sonnel and sorting organic waste, packaging and plas-
tics. The company’s cleaning crews daily remove the
material collected in the recycling stations and deposit
it in larger containers which are in turn emptied by the
municipal authorities.
BME and the environment
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