Special measures have been implemented to ensure that
waste generated by the staff cafeteria, located in Las Rozas,
is correctly managed. These include:
Grease separator tanks, so that any waste considered
especially dangerous, such as used oils, are removed by
a specialised company.
The installation of wastewater purification and fil-
tering system to process water after it is used by the
company cafeteria. The system allows the company
to purify wastewater before it is flushed into the mu-
nicipal drainage system to which all BME’s systems are
Lastly, the scant sanitary waste generated by the medical
services unit is removed by duly-authorised companies.
Medicines are also recycled where applicable at pharma-
cies’ SIGRE points.
BME supports initiatives for the protection of the environment
BME and the environment
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Report 2012
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