BME has been collaborating in the fight against climate
change since 2005 through the National Registry for
Emission Rights for Greenhouse Gases (RENADE), an in-
strument for ensuring that data on the ownership and
control of greenhouse gas emission rights are publicly
available and constantly updated.
Iberclear has been entrusted by the government to
manage this registry, under the direct supervision of the
Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC), belonging to
the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment,
and this activity commenced on 20 June 2005.
One of the main commitments and fundamental objec-
tives in the management of this Registry is to provide the
technical and human resources necessary to ensure that
industrial facilities comply with their annual obligation
of delivering rights to the government for an amount
equivalent to CO
emissions made during the prior year.
Also, the close collaboration between the Registry and
local governments, as verifiers of these annual CO
sions, and the personalised attention provided by the au-
thorised representatives of the installations through the
Iberclear Service Desk have enabled these compliance
objective to be reached across Spain. Since the start of its
activities in 2005, every year 99% of deliveries have been
met, with a particular emphasis on 2012 when 100% of
installations delivered satisfactorily complying fully with
their commitments assumed under the Kyoto protocol.
In mid 2012 a migration process took place from the
national Registry to a Single EU Registry. Iberclear con-
tinues to carry out the functions corresponding to the
National Administrator for Spain, continuing to work
closely with the Spanish Office for Climate Change, local
governments and the Registry’s 2,000 users, as author-
ised representatives of the 1,100 accounts open, in terms
of installation, aerial operators and natural and/or legal
persons. Functions include managing the issuing, own-
ership, transfer and cancellation of emission rights and
units defined under the Kyoto protocol.
BME and the environment
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