6.3. Sponsorship of publications
In order to contribute to the study and knowledge of the
Spanish economy, finance and stock markets, BME en-
courages the dissemination and research of these topics
and the main sectors of the company’s activity through
the direct publication of books and magazines and
through sponsorship of various publications.
BME is also one of the sponsors of Agenda de Medios
de Comunicación Económica, edited by the Spanish
financial press association, Asociación de Periodistas
Económicos (APIE).
BME’s research service distributes and makes available
to members of the public a range of texts, documents,
books and magazines on a variety of issues, encompass-
ing not just financial topics but also other disciplines,
delivering information to anyone interested in the Span-
ish financial markets and systems. Its work centres on re-
search and analysis of the financial markets.
In 2012, the Research Department inaugurated the BME
Digital Publications service to use the internet as a chan-
nel for distributing all available information and thereby
reaching a wider audience. This service allows on-line ac-
cess to all documents published by BME from any device
that connects to the internet and is a step forward in the
company’s effort to spread knowledge of stock market
activities, as a part of BME’s financial dissemination policy.
Bolsa magazine is published quarterly to inform readers
of recent events in the financial markets. This magazine
is available free of charge in electronic format on the cor-
porate website
and on BME’s
digital publications service.
BME’s offices in Madrid and Barcelona also have libraries
and documentation centres. These libraries and docu-
mentation centres may be used by both BME employees
and the general public, and aim to provide users with
easy access to the wide range of information offered by
the company.
BME is one of the sponsors of the Directory of Financial Media
Bringing financial culture closer to the public. Digital edition of Revista Bolsa
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