6.5. Collaboration with significant sectors of
BME is aware that knowledge of the operation of the fi-
nancial markets and the products traded on these mar-
kets is important for certain sectors of society in order to
carry out their functions efficiently.
Therefore, BME organises regular custom-made seminars
for the Spanish national police force and the members of
the Judiciary General Council as it is their job to investi-
gate and judge financial crimes and to investigate and
prosecute increasingly sophisticated monetary crimes.
BME also collaborates in training exercises for sector
journalists so that they can report adequately on the
stock markets. In 2012, the Group worked actively with
the Asociación de Periodistas de Información Económica
(APIE) to design and implement various training courses
for groups of journalists belonging to the main leading
financial media groups in Spain, newspapers, agencies,
TV, etc.
Along these lines and as a result of the agreement signed
with Ferrovial, five scholarships were granted to financial
journalists to study the fourth edition of the advanced
course in investor relations, referred to in Chapter 1 of
this report.
Also, to encourage the dissemination of activities relat-
ing to financial markets, in 2012 BME took part for the
first time in the “Profesionales desde la escuela” pro-
gramme organised by the Fundación Marzuela, Las Ro-
zas city council, and the Spanish branch of the Junior
Achievement foundation which will enable more than
900 students from 15 different centres of education to
learn about working in around 30 leading companies
between 2012 and 2013, as a means of teaching young
people about real labour and financial conditions.
BME collaborates to help children understand how the economy works
BME and society
Corporate and Social
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