6.6. Awards conferred by BME
In 2012, BME continued to sponsor awards to drive and
encourage stock market investment.
As it has done in the last few years BME awarded the Base
Ibex 35 and Latibex Top prizes to the investment funds
obtaining the largest accumulated return in the past
year and whose portfolio reflects the Spanish and Latin
American indices, respectively. The aim of both awards is
to encourage investment in both Ibex 35 securities and
Latin American stocks, through the Latibex, the segment
of the Spanish stock market available to investors in the
region’s leading stocks in euros.
It has also sponsored the Morningstar Fondos 2012
awards, which in collaboration with El Economista news-
paper, are granted to those managers, funds and pen-
sion funds that have provided the most value to their
participants over the past years and the Premios Salmón
awards that the newspaper Expansion grants to leading
fund managers.
The 2012 Morningstar awards, in collaboration with El Economista
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