BME’s structure
As established in the company’s Articles of Association
and Board of Directors’ Regulations, the Board of Direc-
tors has entrusted the running of its ordinary business to
the delegate bodies, the Board’s executive members and
the senior management team.
Accordingly, the company has a
General Manager
under the supervision and encouragement of the Chair-
man, as the most senior executive, coordinates the busi-
ness units and areas, and a
Coordination Committee,
which is responsible for the permanent coordination
between the group’s various business units and the
activities of the company and the group’s companies.
Given the group’s corporate structure, the coordinated
management of its activities is based on a structure of
seven business units and seven corporate areas provid-
ing support functions to all business units.
Coordination Committee
Antonio Zoido Martínez (Chairman)
Javier Hernani Burzako (General Manager)
Ramón Adarraga Morales
Jaime Aguilar Fernández-Hontoria
Antonio Giralt Serra
José Massa Gutiérrez del Álamo
Francisco Nicolás Tahoces
Francisco Oña Navarro
Jorge Yzaguirre Scharfhausen
Corporate area
Human Resources
Luis García Berral
Francisco Nicolás Tahoces
Javier Hernani Burzako (General Manager)
International Relations
Ramón Adarraga Morales
Luis María Cazorla Prieto
Jaime Aguilar Fernández-Hontoria
Corporate Communications
Pablo Malumbres Muguerza
Business units
Trading of securities through the electronic trading platform (Sistema de Interconexión Bursátil) or on the stock
exchange floor and all corresponding post-trade activities.
Jorge Yzaguirre Scharfhausen
Derivative trading, central counterparty activities and settlement of derivatives,
public debt repos and electricity derivatives.
Francisco de Oña Navarro
Fixed income:
Trading of private fixed income and public debt securities.
Francisco de Oña Navarro
Registration, clearing and settlement of equity, private fixed income and public debt trades.
José Massa Gutiérrez del Álamo
Dissemination of information as a primary source and commercial provider services.
Ramón Adarraga Morales
Listing and maintenance services for issuers on the equity and private fixed income markets.
Antonio Giralt Serra
IT & Consulting:
Production and sale of software, global access, advisory and training services.
María Parga Landa
(1) From January 2014, Jorge Yzaguirre Scharfhausen is also Head of Derivatives.
Corporate Governance
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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