1.3 Communication channels
Communication with users at all levels is extremely
important for BME, as this is the only way it can ascer-
tain the doubts, needs and opinions of both direct and
indirect users.
On the international front, BME worked on the Algerian
Treasury Department’s project to create and operate
a public debt trading platform as part of the debt con-
version in public investment programme in Algeria. BME
also collaborated on a project to promote financing to
Mexican SMEs through corporate debt issues.
Infobolsa is currently implementing innovative develop-
ments in Latin America, such as the creation of a multi-
channel online broker platform for the Mexican financial
institution BBVA Bancomer and the first mobile app for
the Mexican stock exchange’s Sibolsa platform.
In the European market, BME is currently working to
develop a stock market app for browsers installed in
BMW vehicles, and is heading up an online broker
project with an international financial entity operating
throughout Europe.
New financing alternatives for businesses. Presentation of MARF.
Bme meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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