The popularity of new means of communication has
made it possible to broaden the channels through which
BME communicates with its users and customers. BME
currently has a presence on five social networks: Twitter
(@GrupoBME), YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare and Linke-
dIn, considerably shoring up its presence in this latter
network during the year. BME uses these social net-
works as platforms for sharing the results and activities
of group companies and for bringing BME closer to its
investors, potential customers and the media.
BME also continued to standardise and update the
websites of its group companies and markets, all of
which can be accessed through the corporate URL
Specifically, BME has focused
on updating its website to provide greater content on
ETFs, through the creation of specific minisites for AIAF
(Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija -MARF), Regis-TR,
Visual Trader Systems and Infobolsa. Infobolsa’s website,
in particular, is the first Spanish financial website to be
developed in accordance with responsive web design
(RWD) parameters. Among other advantages, this
provides an optimal content viewing experience on all
existing telecommunications devices.
The new websites of BME, sleek and modern.
Aside from introducing new communication channels,
BME maintains ongoing contact with all market partic-
ipants, primarily through technical committees such as
Iberclear’s Technical Advisory Committee, the subgroup
entrusted with the design of the central counterparty
entity for the Registration, Clearing and Settlement
System reform project and MEFF’s Supervisory and Over-
sight Committee. BME and these committees exchange
opinions on the operation, development and activities of
the markets and systems managed by BME and ascertain,
first hand, the concerns, demands and needs of the enti-
ties participating in BME’s many markets and systems.
Hand-in-hand with these virtual channels, BME places
great importance on direct, personal and fluid relation-
ships between its employees and market participants
and their respective employees.
BME’s ongoing interest in publicising, via a number of
means, the development of its business is also reflected
in its active participation, promotion and organisation of
forums, workshops, trade fairs and other relevant activ-
ities, as it believes this helps encourage direct contact
between the company and market participants and
among market participants themselves.
Bme meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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