In 2013, BME took part, among others, in the following
financial forums and gatherings:
Organisation of several workshops to showcase to
companies and investors the opportunities offered by
MAB, MARF and the public debt segment in SEND, as
well as BME Innova’s services as a specialist in regula-
tory reporting and in the secure and confidential man-
agement of large volumes of information.
Participation in the Valencia Stock Exchange’s Economy
and Communication Seminar, calling for greater eco-
nomic and financial knowledge among journalists.
Organisation of “Mercado Financiapyme” bringing
together financial entities and national and interna-
tional investors able to fund the activities of small and
medium-cap companies.
Participation in the 3rd Fund Day, one of the largest
events on the mutual funds industry.
Co-organisation, together with Société Genérale, of the
first IBEX Trading Day, aimed at promoting and encour-
aging use of IBEX indices.
Participation in the 3rd annual Spain Investors’ Day.
Participation in the 6th edition of Forinvest through the
Valencia Stock Exchange.
Co-organisation, together with two other entities, of
the 2nd Spanish Small & Mid Caps Conference, held in
New York.
Participation in Bolsalia, at which many BME group pro-
fessionals gave conferences.
Organisation of the 9th MedCap Forum.
Organisation of the 15th Latibex Forum.
BME was involved in organising a number of workshops
on equity markets, such as “Deleveraging and Growth in
Spain” at the Valencia Stock Exchange, “Economic and
Financial Outlook in 2013” organised by the Spanish
Institute of Financial Analysts, “Reform of the Registra-
tion, Clearing and Settlement System” presented in the
stock exchanges, the “Financial Reporting and Corpo-
rate Governance Seminar” organised by the Fundación
de Estudios Financieros, with the help of the CNMV, to
commemorate 25 years of the Spanish Stock Market Law,
and the presentation of“Presidente Ejecutivo y Gobierno
Corporativo de sociedades cotizadas en España”, a book
on corporate governance of listed companies in Spain.
The Stock exchange palace building, meeting point for Spain Investors Day.
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Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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