1.4. User protection
As the management body for Spanish financial markets
and systems, BME is responsible for market participants
and retail investors, even though they are not direct cus-
tomers, as it considers its position allows it to intercede
on their behalf.
In BME’s dealings with retail investors, worth noting are
the services provided by the Investor Ombudsmen, set
up and maintained by the stock exchange governing
companies of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to aid and
protect investors. The Investor Ombudsman handles
their queries and complaints, attempts to prevent com-
plaints and claims from being filed regarding transac-
tions carried out on the stock exchange, and endeavours
to provide conditions to clarify facts and concerns posed
by investors and intermediates between parties in con-
flict. When claims are lodged by investors, the Investor
Ombudsman ascertains the details and, if the parties fail
to reach an agreement, issues a non-binding final report.
1.5. User education
Since its incorporation, BME has considered that its role
as the manager of Spanish financial markets and systems
carries with it a commitment to actively participate in
fostering a financial culture in Spain. In this regard, it sub-
scribes to the OECD’s recommendation on principles and
Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness
launched in July 2005.
Given its significant role in the financial markets, BME
regards publicising and raising awareness of financial
matters in the most accessible and comprehensive
manner possible to be just another function of its busi-
ness activity, as well as an important channel for end cus-
tomers and brokers in markets to express their concerns,
interests, demands and worries.
The importance BME attaches to education is embodied
in Instituto BME, whose sole activity is to organise educa-
tional services related to financial markets in general and
issues directly related to BME’s own markets and systems
products in particular, although this activity may be com-
plemented with additional educational initiatives carried
out by other group companies.
Instituto BME assures customers seeking educational
services that its quality commitment extends beyond
the mere provision of services, to the ultimate goal of
addressing their true education needs, meeting their
expectations and generating the utmost satisfaction. In
this manner, the company achieves its ultimate objec-
tive: to gain the maximum trust of and establish lasting
relationships with its customers. This commitment is
duly evidenced through the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 certi-
fication held by Instituto BME.
Carlos Fernández, the Madrid Stock Exchange’s Ombudsman.
Committed with financial culture. Students in Instituto BME.
Cover of the 2012 Ombudsman Report.
Bme meets user needs
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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