BME shareholders
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
Thanks to their capital contributions, the company’s
financial structure and, ultimately, its activity, are sus-
tained. Therefore, BME encourages its shareholders
to play an active role in the company and makes all of
the tools they need to exercise their rights available to
them. To gain the trust of its shareholders, BME guaran-
tees the utmost transparency of information and ensures
that shareholders can exercise their rights under equal
BME’s shareholders are one of the company’s main stakeholders.
conditions. To do this, it has strengthened and encour-
aged use of the various communication channels avail-
able to shareholders, and makes all attempts possible to
respond to and fulfil the ideas and suggestions received
through these means. As will be discussed below, this is
illustrated by the roll out in 2013 of the Shareholder Edu-
cation Programme.
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