Sponsorship of cultural activities:
Exhibition on Blas de Lezo.
BME grants great importance to cultural activities, as
it is patent by its commitment with different initia-
tives and cultural organizations in general. Among
them, and especially relevant throughout this year
has been the exhibition, organized by the Madrid
Navy Museum on the historical figure of Blas de
Lezo, one of the most relevant officers of Spanish
naval history. With an intense biography, this leading
figure played an outstanding role in key moments of
European XVIIIth century, being undefeated in all the
battles in which he fought.
The exhibition makes an itinerary on the XVIIIth
century and the important events that took place
in that historical moment, such as Succession War
and the Utrecht Treaty Agreement through pictures,
coins and commemorative medals. It also shows war
elements as cannon balls, swords and muskets.
As a result of this sponsorship, BME Corporate and
Social Responsibility Report this year shows images
of this exceptional exhibition, held at Madrid Navy
Opening ceremony at the“Blas de Lezo, el valor de mediohombre”exhibition.
Detail on the presidential table at the“Blas de Lezo, el valor de mediohombre”exhibition.
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