BME shareholders
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
2.4. Investor relations and the shareholders’office.
The Shareholders’ Office is run by the General Secretary
and Secretary to the Board of Directors in coordination
with the Financial Area.The office is an efficient, permanent
and two-directional communication service that allows
shareholders and all other interested parties to submit any
sort of query, concern or suggestion about the company
in a transparent and effective manner. Shareholders typi-
cally submit their questions and comments to the general
shareholder e-mail
BME also has an Investor Relations Department, as part
of the Financial Area. The main objective of this depart-
ment is to provide a communication channel between
the company and the financial markets, unlock its value
and contribute to the efficient formation of its share price.
The Investor Relations Department is therefore tasked
with providing information for institutional investors and
stock market analysts through quarterly and annual earn-
ings reports, results presentations, group and one-on-one
meetings and conference calls. This department has an
email address
which it responds to enquiries submitted by investors.
General Shareholder Meeting of BME.
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