BME shareholders
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
2.5. Share price performance and shareholder
Although the economic crisis remained deep-set in
markets in 2013, BME appears to have overcome the
situation, drawing from its efficient corporate structure
and solid management of its operating costs.
These strengths have helped the BME stock reach €27.66
at the end of 2013, up 49.9% from €18.45 at end-2012.
The trend followed by the BME stock has amply out-
performed the positive changes posted by the overall
market, as measured by the IBEX 35 benchmark index,
which grew 21.2% in 2013.
The chart shows the performance of BME’s share price relative to the IBEX35® and the Dow Jones Global
Exchanges Index , which encompasses the prices of the world’s leading stock markets.
BME share price performance in 2013 vs. The ibex 35 and the dj gex.
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