BME employees
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
3.2. BME’s relations with employees
3.2.1. Collective agreement and employee rep-
The statutory collective agreement that regulates the
labour relations between the different BME group compa-
nies (except for the Barcelona and Bilbao stock exchanges)
and their employees is structured as a nation-wide agree-
ment among a group of companies.
The content of the collective labour agreement is very
similar to the earlier extra-statutory agreement. The key
changes, as set out in this chapter, include salary rises,
an increase in the value of meal tickets, modification of
the parameters for calculating salary increases, and the
creation of several committees entrusted with equality
matters, career advancement, and telecommuting.
The collective agreement applies to 87.59%of BME Group
employees, while the remaining 12.41%, comprising
employees of the Barcelona and Bilbao stock exchanges,
adhere to the collective agreements of the Barcelona
Stock Exchange governing company and the collective
agreement of the Bilbao Stock Exchange governing
company, respectively, the clauses of which are harmo-
nised with the content of the aforementioned statutory
collective agreement, applicable to the rest of the BME
In this respect, references to employee social benefits,
rights and obligations are those set out in the statutory
collective agreement.
Employees covered by collective agreements
Percentage of employees covered by collective agreements
BME Group statutory collective agreement
Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Barcelona collective
Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Bilbao collective agreement
Trade union workers’ representation bodies provide a
constant channel of dialogue between the company and
its employees, not only for collective bargaining but also
to resolve any potential conflicts. In addition, employees
participate in the technical committees deriving from the
collective labour agreement, representing 100% of staff.
BME guarantees all of its employees the right to form trade
unions for the defence and promotion of their economic
and social interests.
As stipulated in labour legislation, BME informs workers’
representatives of the job situation and structure in the
various work centres, and of any decisions taken by BME
that could lead to significant changes in the organisation
of work or work contracts.
No labour disputes occurred in 2013.
Following entry into force of the new statutory collec-
tive labour agreement, an Interpretations and Monitor-
ing Committee was established in order to interpret the
application of agreement clauses, study developments in
relationships between the parties, arbitrate in the event
of problems or questions arising from application of the
agreement, and supervise the possible process of extend-
ing the agreement to those group companies not cur-
rently party thereto.
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