BME employees
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
3.5.2. Fostering professional talent
The banco de ideas is a work tool that ensures the con-
tinuity of ideas submitted by employees, either directly
or through BME Idea, an annual contest encouraging
employees to generate creative ideas.
The banco de ideas offers all company employees the
chance to submit proposals and foster creativity and
innovation in services, processes and business areas.
Banco de Ideas involves five phases, during which pro-
posals are assessed according to their value and fea-
1) the ideas factory
, during which the owner of
BME also has a library service allowing employees to take
out books and periodicals, and which keeps employees
abreast of the latest bibliographies, legislation and doc-
uments relating to stock market issues. The library also
processes requests for information. BME employees have
online access to the library and documentation centre
catalogue through the company Intranet. As such,
employees can regularly consult information on projects
and actions in different group companies and depart-
ments, as well as on events carried out by the company.
the idea can try to improve it, creating an “improvement
group” to this purpose;
2) the ideas laboratory
, during
which the head of the corporate area or business unit
to which the idea has been assigned can request that an
interdisciplinary Innovation Panel be set up among the
other units involved and the owner of the idea, to assess
the potential of the idea and submit a report;
3) the inno-
vation project
, where the head of the corporate area or
business unit in question draws up a viability plan based
on the reports submitted by the innovation panels;
development of the project
; and
5) analysis of results
In 2013, seven projects submitted to the Banco de Ideas
were expanded and rolled out: a virtual library, Really
Simple Syndication channels (RSS, an XML web content
sharing format), centralised coordination of translations,
online courses at subsidiaries, an internal communica-
tions tool (microblogging), connected social platforms,
and a social know-how exchange. The last three ini-
tiatives were combined to form the internal platform
Yammer, mentioned in section 3.3.
Bringing financial culture closer to the public and employees. BME’s library.
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