BME employees
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
3.7. Occupational health and safety
BME guarantees the health, safety and risk prevention
measures established in labour risk prevention law at all
of its work centres and analyses, each year, any risks at
its installations and its employees’ workplaces. With the
collaboration of its employees, through their legal rep-
resentatives, and of internal bodies specifically entrusted
with this issue, BME draws up a programme to address
the risks detected and proposes and implements the cor-
responding preventive measures, such as training, infor-
mation, personal protection teams and routine checks.
BME has established the following health and safety
committees, which monitor and advise on occupational
health and safety issues. These committees represent
100% of staff and are made up of both management staff
and employees.
Health and Safety Committee
Evacuation Team
Emergency Team
First Aid Team
Workplace safety
BME draws up its workplace safety policy on a yearly
basis, carrying out a series of studies and projects to
define the most significant risks, either in terms of seri-
ousness or frequency, and implementing effective pre-
vention and protection systems. In addition, the Online
Human Resources tool allows employees to ascertain
the members of the Evacuation, Emergency and First Aid
teams, as well as the Health and Safety Manual prepared
by the workplace risk prevention company FREMAP.
Workplace risk prevention programmes are imple-
mented at all BME centres, and regular controls are
carried out in order to prevent workplace risk.
Employee health
BME provides its employees with a healthy working
environment. To that end, BME has a Health Monitoring
Programme, which among other services, it instructs
employees how to act in the event of accidents or serious
health problems occurring at work centres. In addition,
primary medical care stations have been set up at work
centres, complete with automated external defibrilla-
tors for immediate response to cases of cardiac arrest. In
2013 no serious incidents of this nature occurred.
In addition, BME provides workers with annual physical
check-ups, and has contracted health insurance for all
employees and their family members. These insurance
plans cover medical care, surgery and hospital care in
cases of illness or injury, in accordance with the terms
and conditions and in respect of the insured risks. BME
also organises yearly influenza vaccination campaigns.
The medical service also collaborates with the Spanish
Red Cross to encourage its employees to give blood.
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