Antonio J. Zoido
Turning to culture, BME remains a member of the
friends of the Prado Foundation, a sponsoring partner
of the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid and a partner of
the Teatro Real in Madrid. Through the Bilbao stock
exchange the company is a strategic patron of the Gug-
genheim museum in Bilbao.
In 2013 BME also sponsored the exhibition on Blas de
Lezo, hosted by Madrid’s Naval Museum. This 2013 CSR
Report shows some of the works in this unique exhibition.
Additionally, it continues to collaborate with different
institutions, universities and academic associations in
training projects related to the world of securities markets,
especially through Instituto BME, which contributes a
good number of specific courses to these institutions.
In 2013, BME once again developed various initiatives to
make available its resources and the skills of its employ-
ees, especially in terms of offering companies newsources
of financing which is of vital importance to both national
and international companies so that they can begin to
grow again and generate wealth and employment.
In 2013, we also set up the PFA education programme
which is open to all BME’s shareholders and coordinated
by the Instituto BME. This programme, which is aimed
at our minority shareholders consisting of free onsite
courses, has proven very popular.
As an expression of our commitment to shareholders,
and despite difficult circumstances, we have maintained
our capital remuneration. Hence, our dividend yield con-
tinues to rank high among IBEX 35 companies.
We are also extremely pleased to have been recognised
by CK Capital of Canada in a recent study as being“at the
global forefront in terms of sustainability information
provided by the companies listed”.
We have also extended the ongoing training offered to
BME employees, with skills courses as well as offering
the possibility of e-learning in addition to onsite courses.
Various BME employees also gave up their time to help
with the “Profesionales desde la Escuela” programme
organised by the Las Rozas city council, which teaches
students about real labour conditions.
BME remains committed to reducing consumption
of resources by using video conferencing facilities to
avoid staff having to travel to meetings. We have also
embraced other measures to help reduce our electricity
gas and water consumption. Likewise, we have contin-
ued to reduce the amount of paper used at our locations
by adopting new technologies for filing documents and
by encouraging email usage instead of traditional mail.
Letter from the Chairman
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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