BME’sbusinessactivitiesdonot haveadirect impact on theenvironment.
However, as the company is aware of the potential environmental risks
any business generates, it manages its business in a sustainablemanner
and has undertaken to reduce any indirect effects its activities may have
on the environment.
BME’s main lines of action in this area are as follows:
Compliance with prevailing national, regional and local
legislation, as well as with BME’s own commitments to
minimise the environmental impact of its activities.
Fostering measures to reduce the use of the resources
consumed directly and indirectly by BME.
Encouraging the recycling of waste in order minimise
the company’s environmental impact. BME fosters
compliance with the three “R” approach to environ-
mental protection: reduce, reuse, recycle.
Advancement of environmentally-responsible behav-
iour by BME employees through the implementation
of best environmental practices.
Contribution to corporate social responsibility in Spain
through projects encouraging socially responsible
business practices.
In 2013, BME had no fines or sanctions for failing to
comply with environmental legislation.
BME and the environment
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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