BME complements its main activity with initiatives aimed at fostering
the development of the society in which it operates. Specifically, it does
this by supporting financial culture and corporate social responsibility.
In doing so, BME draws from the vital support of the
companies admitted for trading on the markets and
systems it manages. As such, according to the Trends
in Sustainability Disclosure: Benchmarking the World’s
Stock Exchanges 2013 report issued by the Canadian
firm CK Capital, which evaluates 45 stock exchanges in
40 countries to assess how well their large listed compa-
nies report on seven sustainability indicators (employee
turnover, energy, greenhouse gases, lost-time injury
rate, payroll, waste and water), in 2013 the Spanish stock
exchange was at the global forefront in terms of sustain-
ability information provided by the companies listed on
its markets and systems.
The Spanish stock exchange, world leader in sustainability. Cover of CK
Capital Report.
BME and society
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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