6.1. Working to preserve Spain’s historical and
artistic heritage
The Madrid Stock Exchange is housed in the late 19th
Century Palacio de la Bolsa, a building of great cultural
value. The Palacio, which showcases Spain’s historical
and artistic heritage, stirs an enormous interest and
curiosity among the general public. To satisfy this inter-
est, free guided tours, in Spanish and English, are held
throughout the year. These visits also serve to highlight
the importance of the work carried out by BME. The other
three stock exchange buildings in Barcelona, Bilbao and
Valencia also offer guided tours that promote the educa-
tional and informative aspects of the stock markets.
In 2013, the four stock exchanges welcomed approximately
23,573 visits during 841 tours. These visitors, both from
Spain and abroad, were mainly university students, sec-
ondary school students, participants from training centres,
associations, cultural centres, companies and individuals.
6.2. Financial sponsorship of cultural activities
The importance given by BME to cultural activities is
clearly reflected in the company’s interest in taking part
in cultural and academic organisations, even where its
activities are not directly related to these disciplines.
BME is a member of the Friends of the Prado Founda-
tion, a sponsoring partner of the Reina Sofia museum
in Madrid, and a partner of the Teatro Real in Madrid.
Through the Bilbao Stock Exchange, BME is also a strate-
gic patron of the Guggenheim museum in that city.
In 2013, BME helped sponsor the “Blas de Lezo, el valor
de Mediohombre” exhibition inaugurated at the Madrid
Naval Museum in September 2013 in order to preserve
and disseminate the story of the admiral Blas de Lezo.
BME investment in social initiatives (thousands of euros)
Financial sponsorship and development of cultural activities
Financial culture and training
Socio-economic development (awards)
In order to ensure the utmost quality of the stock
exchanges’ educational activities and guided tours,
during recent years BME has engaged Lloyd’s Register
Quality Assurance Limited to carry out a quality audit of
these activities. Following the reviews, Lloyd’s has issued
and maintained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality
management systems.
In a separate endeavour to preserve Spain’s historical
and artistic heritage, in 2013 BME engaged experts from
the National Library’s Preservation and Conservation
Department to restore and digitalise two 15th-Century
parchment scroll charters. These scrolls, one of which
was signed by the King of Castile Juan II in 1408 and
the other by King Enrique III in 1400, are housed at the
Madrid Stock Exchange’s library.
BME has trusted the restoration of its cultural resources to the National
BME and society
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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