As manager of Spain’s financial markets and systems,
BME is the nexus between Spanish and international
companies and investors. It provides a channel through
which savings can be used to finance companies, while
endeavouring to offer maximum speed, reliability, trans-
parency, efficiency and security to the markets and
systems it manages.
Since BME’s incorporation, it has always been commit-
ted to being a reference for the economy and for busi-
nesses in Spain and Latin America (through the Latibex).
To achieve this, its actions are guided by the following
• Efficiency in service provision,
which is essential for
the financial market to perform its key role in fostering
sustainable economic growth.
• Market integrity,
which allows several centres to under-
take trading activity simultaneously and under identi-
cal conditions.
• An impartial trading environment,
achieved through
strict compliance with laws and regulations governing
the financial markets and systems.
• Transparency and fairness in the market,
by providing
complete information on market performance so inves-
tors, without any privileges, can operate under the same
BME gears its management toward obtaining an optimal perfor-
mance from all the assets at its disposal in a responsible and sustain-
able manner. This makes it a company with strong growth potential.
• Innovation and cutting-edge technology,
by provid-
ing the means necessary to help companies grow and
actively participate in the creation of new financial prod-
ucts and the development of systems infrastructure.
• Training,
as a cornerstone for the sustainable develop-
ment of a financial market.
• Investor protection,
which is crucial for creating a
bond of trust between investors and the market.
In establishing these core principles of conduct, BME has
taken into account the needs and priorities of the diffe-
rent market agents, as well as society in general as the
ultimate beneficiary when financial markets and, by ex-
tension, the economy, operate properly.
Therefore, BME considers users of its services, company
employees, shareholders, service providers and society
at large as the main market players.
The company’s guidelines for conduct with these agents
can be outlined as follows:
Complying with Spanish and international laws and
regulations, and the codes to which it adheres volun-
tarily, as well as complying strictly with social ethics
and best practice standards in its business operations.
Making the necessary efforts to ensure that relations
with users, investors and shareholders are profitable
for all concerned.
Maintaining solid and fluid relationships, through offi-
cial channels, with government and watchdog bodies.
Implementing clear procedures for selecting partners
and marketing services and technology. Among other
values, these procedures encourage transparency in
all actions with all actors, as well as corporate social
Maintaining permanent contact with shareholders and
potential investors.
Building fluid relationships between the company, its
employees and trade union organisations.
BME’S corporate outlook: management model and relationships with
main market participants
Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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