6.3. Sponsorship of publications
In order to contribute to the study and knowledge of
the Spanish economy, finance and stock markets, BME
encourages the dissemination and research of these
topics through the direct publication of books and mag-
azines and through sponsorship of various publications.
BME is therefore one of the sponsors of Agenda de
Medios de Comunicación Económica, edited by the
Spanish financial press association, Asociación de Perio-
distas Económicos (APIE).
BME also has a research service that distributes and
makes available to members of the public a range of
texts, documents, books and magazines on a variety of
issues (financial topics as well as other disciplines). The
service provides this information to anyone interested
in the Spanish financial markets and systems, continu-
ally researching and analysing the situation of financial
BME’s digital publications service aids the research
service in distributing, via Internet, all available informa-
tion, thereby reaching a wider audience.
Among the publications make available through the
digital publications service, the research service released
its in-house reports titled “Report on Shareholder Remu-
neration Formulas among Spanish listed companies”and
“Ownership Breakdown of Listed Spanish Shares” (both
in Spanish), with a formal report launch at the Palacio
de la Bolsa. Together with Iberdrola and Correos (Spain’s
postal company), BME sponsored the book “Comuni-
cación financiera: transparencia y confianza”, created in
collaboration with Estudio de Comunicación, S.A. The
book was distributed through the BME digital publica-
tions service.
Each quarter, BME publishes Bolsa magazine in order to
inform readers of recent events in the financial markets.
In 2013, the magazine was adapted for digital format,
offering content enriched by virtual tools while main-
taining the same high standards of content selection
and preparation that have been a hallmark of the pub-
lication for over 20 years. This magazine is available free
of charge in electronic format on the corporate website
and through BME’s digital
publications service.
BME’s offices in Madrid and Barcelona also have libraries
and documentation centres. These libraries and docu-
mentation centres may be used by both BME employees
and the general public, and aim to provide users with
easy access to the wide range of information offered by
the company.
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Corporate and Social
Responsibility Report 2013
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