6.4. Collaboration with centres of study and
other relevant sectors.
BME’s deep commitment to general culture and specifically
financial culture and its dissemination is also evidenced in
the company’s collaborationwith a variety of organisations,
universities and academic associations, and the participa-
tion of its professionals in training programmes related to
the stock market.
Collaboration with universities and centres of
Since June 2008, BME has been a patron of the Fundación
de Estudios Financieros (Foundation for Financial Studies),
which dedicates its resources and efforts to independ-
ent research, education and opinion. The Foundation is
committed to working to promote faithful adherence to
economic freedom based on efficiency, transparency and
ethical practices.
In the area of training, Instituto BME, the company’s train-
ing centre, has entered into numerous collaboration
agreements with universities, centres of study and other
institutions, and helps organise courses directed at both
private- and public-sector professionals working in finance.
Instituto BME also collaborates on numerous training pro-
jects, offering specialised courses at private and public
universities, such as the Autónoma de Madrid, Burgos, Cas-
tilla La Mancha, Carlos III, Complutense, Granada, Huelva,
Málaga, Oviedo, Pablo Olavide of Sevilla, País Vasco, Pon-
tificia de Comillas (ICADE), CEU San Pablo, Santiago de
Compostela, Valencia, Vigo, Zaragoza, Navarra, Universidad
Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and Colegio
Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF) de Madrid
etc., as well as educational institutions such as Colegio de
Economistas de Aragón, Escuela de Finanzas de la Coruña,
Asociación Universidad de Empresa (AUNE), Fundación de
las Cajas de Ahorros (FUNCAS), Institut d’Estudis Financiers,
Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) and the ESESA business
school in Malaga.
In addition to sharing financial culture through the guided
visits mentioned earlier in this chapter, the four stock
market companies maintain their own collaboration agree-
ments with educational institutions, as follows:
• The Madrid Stock Exchange
participates in a stock
exchange and financial markets course (Curso de Bolsa
y Mercados Financieros) with Asociación Universidad
Empresa (AUNE) and in an online stocks and deriva-
tives course through the company Software Financiero
Bolsa (SFB).
• The Barcelona Stock Exchange
takes part in several
training projects in collaborationwithUniversidad Abat
Oliva CEU and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
• The Bilbao Stock Exchange
carries out a collaborative
education programme with Universidad de Deusto.
• The Valencia Stock Exchange
works with the Univer-
sidad de Valencia to carry out several programmes not
directly related to financial activities, such as “La Nau
Gran”, aimed at improving access to this university for
people aged over 55. The exchange also organises the
Olimpiadas de Economía (Economic Olympics) in col-
laboration with Fundación Bancaja and the Colegio de
Economistas de Valencia.
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Corporate and Social
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